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No8 Home Interiors Market Day with Girls in Business

If you’re interested in finding a beautiful floral arrangement to celebrate yourself or a special person in your life, you’ll love our wide selection of dried bouquets.

If you’re ready to shop our impressive collections, you can come to join us at the Girls in Business Virtual Market Hosted on Sunday, February 28th.


The virtual market will run on the Girls in Business Instagram page, where they will be signposting from their Instagram to promote No8 Home Interiors. We will be active on our social media during the market to show you our fresh bespoke bouquets. The Virtual Market runs from 11 am-4 pm. If you’re curious to see a sneak preview of some of the items we will be featuring at the market, continue reading to learn more.


Our Beautiful Bespoke Bouquets 


Gold Luxe Bouquet – If you’re looking for subtle elegance in your bouquet, choose the Gold Luxe Bouquet. Gorgeous and simple, the gold luxe bouquet is the perfect arrangement to complement your home décor.


So Naturale Dried Bouquet The So Naturale Dried Bouquet is simple, effortless, and artfully arranged. The So Naturale dried bouquet adds a festive finishing touch to any room or environment it’s added to. This bouquet's length is around 70-85cm.


Pink Dream Bouquet – The pink dream bouquet features a variety of brightly colored stems that will stand out against any background. It’s the perfect addition to brighten up your space as we slowly approach springtime. The stem length for the Pink Dream Bouquet is between 35-45cm.

Pretty Pink Bouquet – This gorgeous display consists entirely of preserved gypsophila. Each tiny flower has a calyx of white-edged sepals that contains pink petals. If you’re ready to add a burst of bright color to your home, this is the perfect bouquet to choose from for your home. The stem length of these flowers is between 49cm-55cm.

Springtime Flower Bouquet – Surprise someone special in your life with this lovely arrangement of brightly colored stems that are a perfect addition to anyr living space. The stem length for this beautiful bespoke dried bouquet is between 35-45cm.



Orange Blossom Dried Bouquet – This unique orange blossom-dried bouquet arrangement creates a feeling of excitement. It immediately adds warmth and brightness to any room. The stems of this gorgeous bouquet are between 35-45 cm.



We will be featuring a variety of other bouquets at the Market Day, so make sure to join us during this event to see all the beautiful arrangements that will be for sale from No8 Home Interiors.


What Are Dried Bouquets?

Dried bouquets consist of flowers that are dried out and then incorporated into a bouquet. The process of drying the flower leaves can take between three and four weeks until they are completely dry and ready. There are so many incredible benefits that are associated with dried flowers.

  • Dried Bouquets Do Not Require Water: While Dried Bouquets provide the same beauty as real flowers, they require no care whatsoever. Dried Bouquets do not need to be watered to maintain their quality.
  • Dried Bouquets Last for A Long Time: One of the best benefits of purchasing a dried bouquet is that it will last for an extended period while still providing the best quality and coloring available. Dried flowers are completely natural and are very durable. They’ll last up to a year, while real flowers only last an average of 8 days.
  • Dried Bouquets Provide Options: Dried bouquets, just like regular flowers, are available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. We are obsessed with finding the highest-quality flowers to use in our dried bouquets to provide the best quality and beauty.
  • Dried Bouquets are Perfect for Décor: Dried bouquets are perfect for any occasion such as Mother’s Day, birthdays, holidays, or just because. Plus, they work perfectly to complement any décor in your home because they will maintain their beauty and structure.
  • Dried Bouquets Work All Year: Our dried bouquets are full of trendy and season-inspired colors. We provide an assortment that will work for your home, style, and time of the year.
  • Dried Bouquets are Good for the Environment: Dried Bouquets are made from real flowers, which means they are entirely biodegradable while proving a sustainable, eco-friendly option to add beauty to your home.



Are Dried Flowers Real?

Yes, dried flowers are created from real flowers that have been dried out. They’re biodegradable and natural. They’ll last for a long time, unlike fresh flowers that tend to perish after eight days. 


How Long Do Dried Flowers Last?

As long as your dried flowers are kept out of direct sunlight, humid conditions, and wind, they’re likely to last you between one to three years. The exact length depends on the specific types of flowers chosen.


How Are Dried Bouquets Made?

Dried Bouquets are made from flowers. First, the flowers are picked fresh. Then the flowers are removed to create a clear stem. The flowers are grouped and tied together to create the ideal bouquet. The flowers will then be attached to some type of device that can hold the weight of the flowers while they dry. The drying process can take anywhere from three to four weeks. After that, they are ready to be displayed in your home.


Do Dried Bouquets Mold?

You will not need to worry about your dried bouquets molding as long as you take proper care of them. While dried bouquets do not require water, they do require an appropriate space where they are away from the sunlight, humidity, and rain.


Are Dried Bouquets good for gifts?

Yes! Dried Bouquets are the perfect gift to give to a loved one for a holiday or birthday celebration. They will last longer than a regular bouquet of flowers, which makes them the gift that keeps on giving. Dried Bouquets are available in various colors and styles, making it easy to find the perfect bouquet for your special someone.



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